[Fan account] Kim Hyung Jun at Suwon World Cup Stadium

Credit : http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com

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Just some snippets from last night’s world cup support performance.

When HyungJun and Junsu arrived, the 홍보단team were all at vip room. Everyone was standing around but our hyungjun oppa sat down through out 😂😂 ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워

I can only see his head 😂

When the performance started, the light of the waiting room switched off. In order not to disturb others’ performance because all the fans are just looking at 홍보단. Hyung Jun watched the performance from the TV screen in the waiting room.

Then in between, Junsu and HyungJun had a video recording.

HyungJun performanced Because Im Stupid and Ur Man. After that, while its Junsu’s turn, Hyung Jun sat on the stadium chair (behind the stage) and watched Junsu’s performance through the big screen on the side of the stadium.

Whats funny is that when junsu ended his performance, everyone from 홍보단 except Hyung Jun did the salute on stage. At that time, hyung jun was still sitting down on the chair. The second he realised that, he quickly stood up and went over the ‘barricade’…but still too late to join the salute. 😂😂

Kim Hyung Jun performance on 22nd June 2018

Hyung Jun and Junsu will be performing for 나라사랑음악회 on 22ne June. The concert starts at 6pm Kst but 홍보단’s turn will only start at 8:15pm KST.

I will stream live on instagram (@ziqi_tt) when it is his turn. Since its a free seating concert, hopefully im not sitted too far away.haha. .

HanGang Floating Island (Sevit Some)

One of my favouriate spot in Seoul is the floating Sevit island along HanGang. You can rent a small boat with your friends and hang out on the boat to enjoy the night breeze~

My friends and I celebrated birthday on the boat at HanGang, it was such a memorable experience, i will never be able to forget it. Hope i will go there soon again as weather becomes warmer.

Directions to get there :

You can take subway to Express Bus Terminal (고속버스터미널), from there, there is shuttle bus services that takes you to and fro from the Sevit Island.

So why not gather a group of close friends and spend some quality time on the boat at HanGang? Trust me, it will become one of the best memories in your life~ You can get some drinks and fingerfoods from convenience store there and bring it onto the boat, like what we did ~

Hope you would enjoy it as much as i do!