ss501-do you think kim hyun joong is currently dating lee yunha

do you think that kim hyun joong is dating lee yunha, there are so many rumors about them going around nowdays, however kim hyun joong himself hasnt admitted to it yet, so cast your voyes here to let me know what ya think!


12 thoughts on “ss501-do you think kim hyun joong is currently dating lee yunha

  1. kimi

    If u ask if he currently dating now? I would say no whoever the girl. He isnt dating anyone know. He stated that more than 3 times already. Just up to us, believe it or not. And i choose to believe. You know his honest personality, his thought about idol dating, etc and he always state he is more lonely now even want to buy new dog.

    But if u ask about this lee yunha. I think yes he was dating her, in the past.

    And if u ask if this lee yunha is the ‘strong heart’ girl? I think NO.

  2. mih-mih^_^

    kim hyun joong is a cute, and awesome guy he has everything on a guy that girls would want like me so if he is going to date a girl or marry her it should be a beautiful awesome girl like that he will really like and i think it should be an actress at least you don’t have to worry about searching her girlfriend because iys not popular or an actress and almost all of the actress’s are beautiful so he needs a good, beautiful, and awesime girl that will LOVE HIM ABD TAKE CARE OF HIM not just date him because his famous, date him as a like a normal guy in your life don’t hurt his feelings everyone have feelings not just you. Please if any one know who’s Kim Hyun Joong’s girl friend please post it on-line PLEASE I REALLY WANT TO KNOW
    -Thanks so much^_^!

  3. mih-mih^_^

    i hope his dating a really nice beautiful girl right know. A girl that will love him so much for the rest of his life, because its hard to find a girl that is right for him beacuse every single fan of him wants to be his girlfriend so this girl that she might find someday needs to take really good care of him and his heart i know i one of the girls or fan who wants to be his girlfriend and if that happens i will not let him go i will make his life happy everyday for the rest of his life and i will not hurt him
    -Thanks for reading my comment^_^


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