[February Giveaway!]


13 thoughts on “[February Giveaway!]

  1. Vanessa_SS501

    Hello! I’m a big fan of #KimHyunJoong & #SS501! Really hope I could win either the photo or poster! Heheh. I’m FOREVER & ALWAYS a TRIPLE S/HENECIA/JUNUS/THANKYU/Y.E.S! Up till now, there is ONLY SS501 in my heart! I have other KPOP Idols too, but I’m not as crazy over them as SS501! Heheh. Really really hope I could win either Autograph Poster/Photo! Heheh. #KimHyunJoong is my ONE & ONLY BIAS & SS501 is my ONE & ONLY KPOP BAND! No one or NO OTHER KPOP band can TAKEOVER MY #KIMHYUNJOONG OR #SS501! These 5 boys, are enough for me! I love SS501 till I die! ^o^!

  2. Vellene

    SS501 is my only one favorite boy band. My top bias is leader, Hyun Joong. His songs, smile, dance, and 4Dness always so attract me. SS501 is forever the best! ❤ SS501 fighting and waiting for your comeback! Always awaiting. 🙂

  3. Janie

    Thanks @ss501news for holding this giveaway, it really means a lot to me to have a chance to win some SS501 stuff. I really miss them! i know every members are really busy with their own schedules but i hope us Triple S will get to see their full group comeback soon~! No matter what they do I’ll support each and every member forever.
    Super Star Forever as One, FTW!!!! ^^

  4. xxtong

    @ss501news I’ve waited for this a long time!!! even though just found out this giveaway!!! i’ve been waiting for a SS501/ KIM HYUN JOONG giveaway a long time!! Finally found it !!!
    I really hope i could win this!!! So miss them.. and allof them together ^ ^ i still remember the time when they were together ^ ^ !! anyway FIGHTING 4 every1 who participated!! and also me aswell!!! ^ ^


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