Kim Kyu Jong first solo fan meet in Taiwan (news)

Source : yahoo news
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Repost with full credit.


Kim Kyu Jong arrives in Taiwan, forgotten all about Chinese but prepared mystery presents for fans.

Not knowing when ss501 will be able to reunite, Kim Kyu Jong holds a fanmeet in Taiwan as a solo artist, he expressed that he is not used to face the media by himself!

He is scheduled to have fanmeet at taipei convention centre on the night of 14th, looking forward to spend valentine’s day with the fans, he also expressed that he prepared special performance for everyone.

Before the interview, the organizer has prepared scratch and win event, Kyu Jong has won 100TWD, he laughed and said that if he won big prize, he would donate a portion of it to open a free concert for fans. One of the most important point besides spending valentines with fans is to eat ‘xiao long bao’. As of how much Chinese words he still can remember, Kim Kyu Jong awkwardly pronounced members names, however he just can’t seem to recall his own. The truth is, Kim Hyung Jun taught him wrongly, but he learnt one sentence on the spot, ‘wish everyone a happy valentine’.


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