Park Jung Min Admitted To Having Feet Odor

Source: Kpopn
Lifted From: catco0514@Baidu
English Translation: RoyalPJM (
Please repost with full credits.

STAR Chinese Channel will be airing the 1st episode of idol drama “Fondant Garden” on 3rd March 2012!

The actors & actresses Park Jung Min, Jian Man Shu & Lee Xiang Lin went on Channel [V] – Love JK to promote the drama.

In the program, three of them were talking about the funny incidents while filming drama “Fondant Garden”, three of them also took on the challenge of the acting test by the MC Ken Wu, Park Jung Min acted as the superstar with feet odor, Ken Wu praised Park Jung Min’s acting to be super natural…

Unexpectedly, Park Jung Min revealed that in real live he really does have feet odor. In the past when he went shopping malls shopping for shoes, he will never try on the shoes but will just buy them. After reaching home, then he dares to take off his shoes to try.

Due to his straightforward personality, everyone in the studio had a good laugh and even praised him! But, he explained with his care in maintaining, now his keeps his feet dry and hygiene, he no longer has feet odor.

Park Jung Min who loves good food, actually has a strict diet plan when he is in Korea. But when he comes to Taiwan the food that he cannot resist is Taiwan’s Thailand Cuisine! During his Long Stay in Taiwan he even gained a few kilograms. This trip back to Korea he will be filming a new Korean drama, following up he will be preparing for his Japanese Album. Therefore, he will need to start dieting, to get back to his previous good figure!


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