Park Jung Min’s handphone went missing during his drama shooting in Taiwan

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Fondant Garden’s male lead Park Jung Min (ss501) depended on his phone to interact with fans during his stay in taiwan, he has 140 thousands of followers on twitter up to date. As a man that loves to play with handphone, he even play until the phone went missing when he was shooting in taiwan. This made Park Jung Min worrying over the matter of losing all the private documents in the phone.

Park Jung Min is always seen with his phone during his stay in taiwan for drama shooting. The fact is that he needs to be updated with latest current affairs and interact with fans via twitter. Staffs from ‘Fondant Garden’ expressed that Park Jung Min will always have his phone, ipad with him, as long as the shooting is not on, the phone must be in the hand, a real 3C user. There was a time they went to shoot in HuaLian, Jung Min’s phone went missing, leaving the staffs with a deep impression.

At the time, it was because of Park Jung Min playing twitter on the phone before the shooting started, Jung Min only realised that he left the phone at the scene when everyone was on their way back to Taipei. He was very worried as there were many precious photos he took in taiwan with his phone, the whole production team thus went back to help him to look for the phone. Fortunately, the phone was found, and only then Park Jung Min sighed with relief! Hence, there were staffs joking with him, if it was because there were too many unspoken secrets in the phone? Causing Jung Min to laugh bitterly.

In addition, Park Jung Min is even famous in Turkey, fans earnestly wished that Jung Min is able to hold a fanmeet in Turkey. However, due to the earthquake, he expressed that it is not very suitable to plan a happy event at times like this. Thus, this plan is stalled. Park Jung Min’s first leading drama ‘Fondant Garden’ airs every friday at 10pm on CTV, saturday 10pm on Channel V.


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