Kim Hyun Joong sang “I’m your man” for Oguri Shun

Translation by @lafone0606

(photo taken in July 2010 when they first met via DATV interview at Gorrila in the Kitchen in Seoul )

Korean actor-singer, Kim Hyun Joong celebrated his Japanese friend,
Shun Oguri (who acted as “Rui”, the same role as Yoon JiHoo in Japanese Boys Over Flower) ‘s marriage. At the press conference of Aeon’s new CM, “ Top Value Coolishfact 2012, Kim Hyun Joon supported PR of the product lines.
He said “ I feel nice in summer on the stage. I will be a regular user of this”
Referrting to Shun Oguri’s marriage with Yu Yamada (Japanese actress),
Kim Hyun Joon mentioned “ The news of their marriage was ranked high in othe internet search, calling attention in Korea as well “ They happened to have taken the same role, Rui Hanazawa and Yoon Jihoo in Boys over Flower.

They got acquainted on the occasion of the joint interview (* in 2010 via DATV), and it is said that they had a dinner sometimes after that interview.
He celebrated Oguri’s marriage , “ I think that he was deliberate to find his
partner; I wish them every happiness forever “
Kim Hyun Joong made a great success in his debut album in Japan,
“ Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy”, with more than 100,000 album sales at the first
week after debut in January. His popurity as artist is outstanding in Japan.

Kim Hyun Joong said “He (Oguri) is my senior, an elder brother and his
wife is so called a sister in-law . I would like to sing a song to celebrate
their marriage.” He sang “I’m your man” , a song of his second album.
“ I really wanted to celebrate them and convey my congratulations to
them with my song “.
* Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada had their names entered in the family registeron “White Day”, March 14, 2012.


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