Kim Hyun Joong – Hong Kong FM 2012 live update

this post will be constantly updated throughout the night, so do check back for more updates.
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concert has started, khj performing breakdown.

performing please

singing thank you

Happiness is..

khj gave his towel away to a fan after wiping his sweat with it.

Kiss Kiss

khj gave away another bear!

He said that he actually sang happiness is off beat, due to technical problem


Im ur man

because im stupid

talk session

laughed so happily when talked about LKF蘭桂芳

cr lyn0522

first thing to do in the morning, wake up to check time on handphone

hyun joong ate dim sum this morning

MC : When at different ages, will look at girls at different body parts. u are 26 now, do you still look at eyes first?
KHJ : said yes first, then switched to no. laughingly said : where do i look at, you all go ahead and guess! hahahaha’

Hyun Joong asked final question to decide the winner “last time i was photographed at LKF, was i with more than 5 people or less than 5 people?”
both 2 fans answered “less that 5” (correct anwser)
HJ oppa said “you all really do pay attention to these kind of news….” laughs
(but according to another fan at fm now, hyun joong said ‘u all didnt pay attention to the news, the answer is more than 5’)

Merry You
fans said that this time he did for real! not the 2 dancers behind the screen..

do you like that and lucky guy

if you’re like me

Encore : One more time


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