Kim Hyun Joong – China tour press conference in Beijing 120513 live updates

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english translation :

about 2:30pm
Hyun joong just greeted the media in Chinese ‘ hello, I’m Kim Hyun joong’

hyun joong gave a bouquet of flowers to the representative of Chinese Mother Fans club. as mothers’ day present.

This is his china tour press con, he wont be having separate press conferences again , I think.

Hj says that fans are very passionate, he felt happy

As Hyun Joong’s birthday is during Asia tour this year, organizer made special fm tickets dated 6thjune, hj signed on it, these will be auctioned off online.
Hj will donate the money from auction to charity.

Hj autographing on giant fm tickets

Hj said he has received too much. thus he donated 20 million won to charity under his own name, personally. Wishes everyone for support.

Hyun joong posing with tickets

posing for official start of ticket sale

There will still be one on one interview later for hj, so tiring!

Now is Q&A session,

Q: what’s so different about this fm tour?
Hj: this time differs from before, specially prepared. So must come to support my fm

HJ : couldnt celebrate mothers’ day with my mom today, but i have celebrated it early with my parents on 8th May. (korea’s parents day)

Q : where will you go or what will you do in china?
Hj: in Beijing will go to eat Peking duck. Wish to see panda in Chengdu

Q : what are your future plans?
HJ : After Asia tour, will be promoting in japan for a period of time. Then new drama at the end of the year.

(By the way, Hyun joong will be leaving Beijing today, heading back to korea)

Organizer gave hj ‘tiger’ stamp as present

All 1208 rmb tickets sold out within 10mins!

HJ : im anticipating Cheng Du’s trip.
Q : which city u want to go the most among the rest?
HJ : china is very big, i wish to visit a lot of places. 很期待九寨沟. (U did ur hw! He wanna go 九寨沟.)

He prepared 4 different surprises for 4 stops of Asia tour in china
Press conference ended, hj expressed that he is very excited, will work even harder, to give the best on stage

(This part is not from press con, I think he does not know that he won’t be able to eat Peking duck for lunch today already. In fact, he can’t have it for dinner too. Unless organizer pack for him.)

Hj having one on one interview now.

bouquet to be given to KHJ later, consisting of 15 different flowers from 6 countries, that was delivered to Beijing this early morning.

hyun joong did not display any tiredness during the press con and interview. professional

During interview :
He mentioned one of the china stops is his most anticipating stop. he also told a touching story where by of chinese fans. will be revealed in the show next monday.

KHJ interview by QQ

more photos

Interview with QQ :
Q: What comes to your mind first when talk about china?
HJ : the great wall of china

Q : about ur mention of 九寨沟, is there any arrangement?
HJ : there’s some free time after June, so will be going some places that i want

Q : this time, what’s so different about the fm?
HJ : it’s very different and special, want to interect with fans.

Q : can you reveal about ‘City of Conquest’?
HJ : it’s my new drama, will be a very manly images, please anticipate and show support.

Q : what would you be doing now if you didnt enter the entertainment career?
HJ : i would probably be a trainee now.

cr 八爪娱
Q : what’s your fave role you have acted?
HJ : i like all roles i have acted, each role are different, showing a different side of himeself.

by 星周刊

hj says he like panda alot, wish to go chengdu and have close interaction with panda..!


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