Kim Hyun Joong exclusive interview – Working hard for FM Tour, takes up challenge to play a manly role for new drama

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Kim Hyun Joong showed up in Beijing with a handsome look.

Kim Hyun Joong’s smile warms people’s heart.

Sohu entertainment news : 13th May, Kim Hyun Joong flew in from HongKong, after ending FM in Singapore and HK, Kim Hyun Joong comes to Beijing for press conference. Officially announcing start of China FM tour ticket sale in Shanghai, Beijng, Guangzhou and Chengdu. After his press conference ended, Kim Hyun Joong sat down to have an interview with Below are the original interview dialogue.

Sohu : How do you feel to stage FMs in mainland China for the first time?
KHJ : Having the first solo FM, i have prepared a lot, very excited. I am also very thankful to fans, that tickets were sold out in 20 minutes. I will return this favour by present the best stage to fans.

Sohu : What’s so special about this fanmeet from the usual FM and concert?
KHJ : This time, although it’s said to be a fanmeeting, but it’s actually presented at the level of a concert. There will be traditional segments of fanmeeting, interactions with fans, and also hi-5 after the show.

Sohu : The upcoming 4 FMs in China, how will it differ from the ones in S’pore and HK?
KHJ : There will definitely be differences, as the countries and cities differs in culture backgrounds in the first place. HK fm already differs from Singapore. China is a very big country, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu fms will differ accordingly.

Sohu : How long have you prepared for this fm?  
KHJ : About 2 months. From the promo video, up to the poster image, i have participated in the making of all these. Spent lots of efforts in making, but when seeing the happiness of fans, i also felt happiness, hope that chinese fans would like it too.

Sohu : For new drama ‘City of conquest’ please introduce your character.
KHJ : ‘City of Conquest’ is a manly drama, it’s different from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Playful Kiss’, but there will still be romantic love scenes with female lead in the drama. The overall image may seems careless, tough, but there’s also a gentle side, it’s a righteous role. In this drama, i will display a lot of manly images. Although many fans have shown their worry and anticipation, but i will work harder, act out the role of ‘Baek Mi Il’ well, hoping to hear from them that ‘KIM HYUN JOONG has comeback as Baek Mi Il’, wish everyone will like the drama.

Sohu : Kim Hyun Joong’s stage performance has always gave a very energetic feel, as compared to previous 2 roles in dramas, which type do you like more personally?
KHJ : I like both, the one on stage is Kim Hyun Joong, the gentleman in drama is also Kim Hyun Joong, but actually either types are not the actual image Kim Hyun Joong, I’m both.

Sohu : There are many idol groups in Korea who received lots of loves from fans. Solo artists like Rain, Lee Hyori must bear with huge pressure, after you have gone solo, what’s the biggest change you have experienced?
KHJ : (In Korea) not many solo singers, because solo singers are much more tiring than idol groups, have to take much more pressure. But the appealing thing of being a solo artist is that i can do what i want and express my own ideas. This is what attracted me as solo artist. For this, more hard work and sacrifices need to be made, but if you dont see it as hardship, and take it as your career, then solo artist will be a very amazing career.

Sohu : There was once you said that your biggest dream is to treat all of your fans in the world to a free concert. As you already had a free concert in Korea, will you have a similar one in other countries, such as China, a free concert for fans?
KHJ : If there are enough fan support, i will wish to open a free concert. However, this is a free concert, not only for fans to spend a quality time with me, but also wish to help those in need through having a free concert, making the free concert more worth than it seems.


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    Dear Wang Zi Qi / Babyvfan,
    thanks heaps for your translations! You have done a lot of favors for international fans ^^ A friend just now requested me to sub the interview using your translation, so I wish to ask if you mind me using your translation to sub the interview? I will upload it with full credit for sure. =)



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