Kim Hyun Joong [Yahoo! Mission Interview] – shares same feelings as women when make-up is off, wish his other half can be virtuous

source :ETtoday
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Korean male artist Kim Hyun Joong will be coming to Taiwan for fanmeeting on 16th, earlier on he received interview from Yahoo! and revealed things that people dont know about him!
Being called a ‘flower boy’, he honestly said that he would feel just like girls when make-up is being removed, just like what girls would feel. He also revealed what he looks in a girl as his other half. Kim Hyun JOong will be arriving in Taiwan tomorrow, he has answered some ‘most wanted to know’ questions asked by netizens, revealing out all tiny bits of secrets. He has stressed on how important make-up is to him, laughingly said ‘just like many girls, i would feel upset without make-up one!’.
Fans are curious about what’s Kim Hyun JOong’s picks in a girl, he revealed that appearance is definitely not the most important factor he looks at, ‘virtuous and kind are most important!’. He also stated that he wishes to have 2 son and 2 daughter with his wife in the future, netizens even helped Kim HYun JOong to pick and match the most suitable Taiwanese female artist under his description, and the final champion is Lin Yi Chen!


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