Kim Hyun Joong – Teenage Magazine June issue scans

scanned by
repost with proper credits

(i typed out a section of the article, as i found it very interesting)

1. he’s fun-loving – “the characters i play in dramas are usually very cool, calm and have a prince-like image, but in real life i’m actually very humerous, playful and lively! i love having fun with friends.”

2. he loves his job – “the secret to success is being very passionate and interested in whatever you are doing. rather than just working hard, the interest must be there in order for you to excel!”.

3. he’s devoted to fans – “there was a Lady Gaga concert in Korea that i really, really wanted to go to, but i didn’t because i felt that my fan meeting was more important. i had to make sure that i worked my hardest to show my best side to fans. i gave up on the concert in the end, and spent my time practicing for the fan meet instead.”

4. he handles problems well – “i’m the kind of person who tends to look at the end goal when i encounter difficulties. when i’m faced with problems, i will think ‘when i overcome this, i will achieve this or that’, and that keeps me going. and rather than trying to achieve something very quickly, i tend to work on things slowly over a period of time.”

5. he tries to shield loved ones from prying eyes – “it’s very hard to keep any aspect of my life private, but i’m not exactly affected by it. But when i’m meeting my close friends, family, and someone that is close to me, i would like to keep that private.”

6. he won’be an oppressive dad – “i wont force any career path on my children, that would really depend on what they want to do. whatever they want to pursue – as long as it’s not something bad or something that would hurt or affect anyone in a negative way – i would like to give them my full support.”


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