Kim HyunJoong got a shock, donated for charity

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[News][2012.05.19] Kim HyunJoong got a shock, donated for charity
‘U:zoosin’ Kim HyunJoong, friendliness and charm was unstoppable. Yesterday during his 2nd session of fan meeting in Taiwan, not only having fans who wore bridal gown, wanting to give herself as his birthday present, there was even a 70 year old grandmother from Americas, giving a USD3000 red packet to him, giving him a shock and dare not accept it, but she mentioned that it was inauspicious for not receiving, thus he had to received it unwillingly and prepared to donate it to charity.

Kim HyunJoong’s birthday falls on 6 June, fans who known about that yesterday, other than from Taiwan, Korea, and big group of Japan, Hong Kong and Greater China fans, fully packed the NTU Sports Center, singing Korean version of Birthday song, making him to felt very touched. In order to return to his fans, starting from 9pm he had been shaking hands or fingers intertwined or even hug passionately until the last fan, then returning to rest in hotel, making lots to say ‘worth the price paid’.

As for the bride fan who was lucky to be selected on stage, she had requested on stage to replay Korea popular designer Andre Kim’s model show classic action, fingers intertwined and looking into each other eyes to take a photograph together, causing the envious of fans under the stage. Kim HyunJoong held 2 sessions of fan meeting in Taiwan, entrance ticket cum merchandise had brought in around NT20.7million. He will depart Taiwan at 7:45am in the morning today.


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