Kim Hyun Joong’s ideal type is simple and plain

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The name Kim Hyun Joong in Hallyu culture today is like a golden plated sign. Yoon Ji Hoo’s morose, Bae Seung Jo’s arrogance, these popular characters are played by Kim hyun Joong, but that’s not the real him. On 9th June, he will be staging a concert in Shanghai, reporters tried to discover the real Kim hyun joong through interviews : a fan of ‘xiaolongbao’, working hard on practicing Chinese, stated that he has a greed over the Chinese market, wanting to collaborate with 3 most popular actresses in Chinese entertainment circle. When camera’s not rolling, he says that instead of being pince on white horse, would rather be a normal man that takes good care of himself. Besides having a close relationship with boss Bae yong joon, his view on love relationship is simple and plain, “my ideal type is someone that’s like a friend’.

-admires Zhang Zi Yi, likes Fan Bing Bing
10 days away from his shanghai stop, Kim hyun joong was seen practicing hard to speak in Chinese during the interview, this idol is having a headache over the complicated Chinese language, he could not help but to complain, “if I were asked to learn shanghai dialect at the same time, it will just be too much for me! Although shanghai dialect sounded a bit similar to Japanese, but I really don’t have the courage to learn.”. However, Kim hyun joong said that he has prepared something different for shanghai fan meeting, but will keep it a secret first, “as compared to other places, fans in shanghai knows more about me, as I had 2 concerts in shanghai before back in ss501, I was also here as a guest performer in march for TGC, so I will work on a different form of presentation for the concert.”.
Kim hyun joong also expressed his simple reasons for liking shanghai, being more familiar with the city, as he has been to shanghai many times, although he is not adapted to the sweet preference in food in shanghai, but this popular kpop star is a huge fan of ‘ciao long bao’. Speaking of shanghai, Kim hyun joong also proudly recalled memories of performing in shanghai in 2008, this tine round, he heard from the organizers that tickets sale for shanghai fan meet is the best among the four stops. “this city is very modern and lively, more importantly is that I always receive the most love here, this is the reason why I like shanghai.”.

In recent years, more and more. Korean celebrities has came to china to develop on career, Kim hyun Joong’s tour will be a signal for advancing into the Chinese market, he stated that the footsteps of advancing into Chinese markets has never been stopped, “since back in ss501, or asian olympics in Guangzhou, I had always been looking into the Chinese market. I do know that idol groups has more popularity in china, like h.o.t, shinhwa, dbsk and sj, but I would want to try and see if I can make it happen as a solo artist, having the same or exceeding their popularity, this will be my goal. This time round, 4 stops china tour is my brand new trial, if this succeeds, I will be bringing more spectacular performance to fans in the future.”.

Kim hyun Joong’s target of course does not stop at advancing into Chinese music market, he who has a place in Korean film market, also sets his target on chinese film market. “I know there are lots of excellent directors and outstanding projects in china. I will want to start from tv drama if I were to work with any producer.”. Kim hyun joong did not hide from his greed over Chinese market, as of which Chinese female celebrities left a strong impression on him, he said Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bing Bing and Cecilia Zhang, the 3 beauties, “they are famous in Korea too, their auras is different from normal korean actresses, each of them has a different personality.

-Bae hong joon is too quiet while I’m loud

in dramas, be it yoon ji hoo from boys over flowers, or Bae seung Jo from playful kiss, Kim hyun joong structured a prince charming image, when asked about whether it differs from him in real life, Kim hyun joong said “appearance wise, I’m a artist, so not much difference. But in reality, I like people who is capable of taking good care of his own stuffs and make the best out of it. I wish I will become one that does what is to be done and plays well when it’s time to play type of person.”.

Kim hyun joong expressed that he will be straightforward in a relationship, “when there’s someone I love, I will continue my love for her no matter how difficult it is.”. In dramas, each and every female actresses are different, but he is very clear about acting and reality, therefore he would not base his ideal type from the virtual world. “my ideal type of girl is someone that is like a friend to me, good personality, puts less make up on normal days, with a plain appearance. A simple, honest character, able to spend time in harmony with me and my friends.”.

Actually, Kim hyun joong once displayed what he was like in a relationship though variety show “we got married” to the public. He spent a period of virtual marriage life with Hwangbo who is older than him for 6 years. This puppy love has created a stir in Korea and Asia at the time, they were also given the name ‘ssangchu couple’, which in turn made him more popular. He recalls, “it’s because of ‘we got married’ that I gained my first popularity from. Internet is amazing, these Korean variety shows can actually gain support in china where language is a barrier.”. In his heart, he misses the times they worked together, misses the zero pressure from sunbae, allowing him to film the show in his best natural state, “working with Hwangbo sunbae, we appeared as a couple at that time. We really had great collaboration back then, I miss those times. However as artists, we are all very busy, so we cant contact often, but if there’s an opportunity for another collaboration, i will be willing to work together again.”.

Friendship is very important to a man too, Kim hyun joong who sees dbsk as a target back in ss501 period, expressed that he is acutally good friends with Kim jae joong, park yoo chun. He has a different feeling towards Bae yong joon who has been a great mentor to him, “he is my boss, senior and teacher. On normal days it’s very hard for us to meet up due to our work, but as long as we need any help from one another, we will be offering a helping hand without any extra words to be said. The last time we met, we did not talk anything related to work at all, just about daily things in life. I am a person that likes lively lifestyle, loves soccer, drinking and traveling, however Bae yong joon prefers quiet, sculpturing, if I were to live in his lifestyle, i might feel as if im suffering. I love freedom, want to relax when there’s no work, therefore I like to play soccer and travel.”.


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