Kim Hyun Joong 120601 Chengdu FM live updates

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Let Me Go + Break Down


Greeting fans

HJ : i wish to include chengdu as one of my stops for further asia tours.

KHJ said thank you in chinese.

Thank you

after singing Thank You, fans shouted KIm Hyun Joong, oppa says chengdu fans are daebak! he asks if they can show even more support?

five things to do for my gf

Kiss Kiss

listen here :

I’m Ur Man
HJ “im going to sing I’m Ur Man, dedicating it to the pretty in the 1st row’

do u rmb the little girl at ysterday’s hi5? KHJ says he remembers her, and he is singing i’m ur man for her

khj says he’s the man of the little girl in the front row

HJ : CHENGDU fans are full of passion, im touched! i was worried that no fans will come being in chengdu in the 1st time!in the future, i will be here every year! i noticed that chengdu fans love to smile, i couldnt help but to smile too!

Because Im stupid
fans singing along to this song again

audio :


Q&A session
fans sang Birthday song for KHJ and said in unison I love You. KHJ said ‘I love u’ to fans in chinese to thank them.
KHJ says chengdu fans are as cute as panda.
fans specially prepared panda surprise for khj, so khj said cutely, ‘so many pandas!’ keke, the bday song was song in korean

he said ‘WuHouCi is famous tourism spot in chengdu,love to watch Romance of The Three Kingdoms, now im here for real!”

Q : do you think sichuan girls are pretty? KHJ : i think pretty girls is one of the trademark for chengdu, i saw so many pretties. i was in the car on the road, once i wind down my window, i can see a lot of pretty girls

KHJ says he will open weibo account next week, he will be sharing about his life on weibo. you will get to me more often in china.

KHJ : i will post concert photos on weibo, im opening weibo specially for chinese fans

KHJ : he will visit china more often,not just for work,but also travel on his own. if u see me on the streets, please smile to me

Q : when will be your WORLD TOUR?
KHJ : early next year

KHJ said ‘I love You’ in 5 different languages, chinese, korean, english, japanese and chengdu hubei dialect.

Q : which chinese actress u want to work with the most?
KHJ : i have been following the chinese movie updates, u will see me in chinese movie in the future!

KHJ give present to a lucky fan, TFS products he brought over from korea.

Kim Hyun Joong ownself baked cake! Hyun Joong says this will be the only cake on earth that is baked by Kim Hyun Joong.

he is ‘making’ cake on the spot. specially ‘tailored’ for each of the 3 lucky fans. 8 ingredients, making one each based on their appearance.

1st cake, he took a few looks at the fan, used dumpling and prune ingredients, made a face.
2nd cake, used ‘finger cookies’, reason is that the fan is wearing stripes
for the third fan, there’s no more cake, khj asked her to stand, tell her dont sit down, if not she will regret for the rest of her life.
KHJ : the third fan will get my cake, together with the earring i have wore~ (cos he ran out of ingredients >,<)

KHJ started singing Marry Me, the third fan is so lucky, khj sang (marry me) only for her, at the same time making the cake for her.\

showing mv before lucky guy
Lucky Guy

showing MV of making of asia tour, rehearsal video, he says it’s almost time to say goodbye.

KHJ : chengdu stop is a last minute decision, was worried that no one will turn up, seeing so many fans here, really thank you.
KHJ : will not forget you after going back to korea, because of everyone thats here today, i felt happiness.

If You’re Like Me
fans shouted saranghae

Encore – One more time & lucky guy

khj took panda hat from fans.

At last, khj gave a 90 degree bow to fans.



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  1. byjmckhj

    thank you so much dear for sharing the updates.. it feels like i was also there in Chengdu FM.. woootttttt.. thanks so much.. God bless your good soul! you’ve work hard! take care always! God bless! 🙂


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