Kim Kyu Jong entering army this July

Source : tvreport
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Kim Kyu Jong will be going through a 4 week basic military training in July before enrolling in 2 years army service.
Kim Kyu Jong expressed his thoughts on the matter, “(Kyu Jong) although it can be delayed, but as a plan for second stage of life, entering army now seems to be the right choice. So I decided to enter this July. Wish to continue my activities with an even more balanced state of mind after army.”.
Kim Kyu Jong has given serious thoughts before making the decision to enter army this July.
Kim Kyu Jong was a member of ss501, also participated in ss501’s trio subgroup project, fulfilling his musical career. Besides that, he also released his solo album.
Kim Kyu Jong’s agency expressed, ‘Kyu Jong was born in 1987, so there’s still time for delaying army service, but he personally has the thought of entering army, in a way he will engage in more activities after finishing army service, so we respect his decision.”.


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