[Notice] Kim Hyun Joong – 120610 Beijing Fanmeeting Live Updates Information

Hello to all henecians ^^

My sis and I will be going to KHJ’s Beijing FM, so in order for foreign fans to know what’s going on, we will be doing Live Updates for Beijing Fanmeeting tomorrow night.
However, there is no Twitter in China, and i cant ‘climb’ over without my ‘MIGHTY’ laptop, so i will be doing live updates on Weibo instead.

We will try our best to give you live updates as accurate and as fast as we could for tomorrow. If you are interested, you can tune into my weibo page for Beijing FM. :))

Have a good night sleep everyone!

Weibo link : http://weibo.com/babyvfan

I will not be on twitter tomorrow, if there’s khj related good (non official merchandise) u want me to buy for you, please drop an email to : babyvfan@sina.com (this is only for SG fans)


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