Kim Hyun Joong – Star Talk (English Translation)
repost with proper credit

Translation for KHJ’s Star Talk, only KHJ’s parts are translated.
Hello everyone, i’m kim hyun joong.

Hong Kong is a place where I often visit privately on my own
This time, the main focus is on fanmeeting. This time coming to hk, im not particular about what to eat or others. I wish to be focusing on fanmeeting itself.

Many fans commented that my dance choreography is hard, this is what I thought too.
However, even if this choreography is of high level of difficulty, I still wish to perform it in front of everyone, so that people will not be bored from the visuals. I have worked hard on this.

For future albums and dance choreography, I will study it carefully as well. I will try my best to give even better performance for everyone to watch.

No matter for what I do, I would not give myself a score of 100/100, but at least for hard work I have put into dancing, I want to give a score of 100 for that. However, this score varies according to the my condition during the actual performance, but in front of fans and the audience, because I confidently appeared on stage and danced in front of everyone, I would want to give this amount of efforts a score of 100. As for the rest, I will leave the comments to my fans and audience.

I’m human too, with my busy work schedules, I also wish to have time off and get some good rest. But due to my own personality, which is that I would not be able to let myself rest for a long period. I love to work continuously, I would practice even during my days off. I must find some work for myself to do. If there comes a time where I really gets a long holiday, for example this time, after my fanmeeting tour ends, after Japanese album finishes, also after my drama completes, it should be around December already. Before the next year arrives, I would be able to spent 10 days overseas, not in korea, but to a warm country, where I can spent my winter like summer.

As for travelling, of course I wish to travel around the world. But as of for now, I want to be with my good friends the most. To Philippines , I heard there’s Marlin fish in Philippines, also can fish very big fish there, I want to experience it.

Although my work schedules are fully packed, but for example, I had Singapore fanmeeting, after the fanmeeting ended, the stressed I had before just vanished. So after Singapore fanmeeting ended, I have been in preparation for a new album. I also came to Hong Kong, when all this is completed, pressures felt will naturally go away, this is my thought.

Well, as an artist, it’s true that I should be paying lots of attention to my body, however im not doing a good job of that. I’m quite hard working when it comes to exercise, for my upcoming new drama this year, I need to strengthen my body, thus I have been seriously working out lately. Recently my body figure, is the best I have so far.

Hong Kong’s TV drama lovers, should know about action movies, (my script) is similar to hongkong’s action movies, there’s some similarities. The role im playing is very manly, went through a lot of hardships, but there’s also the soft side of him, there’s interesting elements inside. I also grew up watching Hong Kong movies; I believe people in hong kong will like this drama, right now I’m in the middle of preparation.

This time my image in drama will differ from previous time, I wish have a transformation of image. I have been receiving acting lessons for this drama, I need to change the gentleman acting from previous dramas, I wish to receive title such as ‘manly kim hyun joong’. I have been undergoing trainings on body and acting as well.

(KHJ starts drawing himself)
This is my action for opening of fanmeeting.

(KHJ then acts out, @08:28)
There’s this kind of action. After everyone sees this, will be able to guess fanmeeting.. this is as a hint for fans.

To Hong Kong Fans,
We have met every year for a prize ceremony, now im finally here for a performance.
Bringing my stage to you after such a long period of time, I will work wholeheartedly to give an exciting performance.
I will also have hi5 session with everyone of you.
Wish that this fanmeet is a great platform for us to interact with each other.
Thank You, Bye Bye.


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