[EPOP interview] Kim Hyun Joong, The 4D Prince!


EPOP : What’s your ideal type of family like?

KHJ : my ideal type of family is… Must have a wife! (epop : nothing else? Just a wife will do?) Yes, of course can only have one~ and also 2 daughters and two sons, I want them to grow up by the countryside!

EPOP : Which type of wife do you want to have?

KHJ : Kind-hearted, nice to both me and our children~ Must be pretty, have a tall and slim figure, hope she’s a virtuous girl, but not from Seoul~ (epop : in this case, fans in Seoul will be greatly saddened~) Jeju Island is not bad, I want to spend my retired days in Jeju~ (epop : do you know how to speak in Jeju’s dialect?) Like this? (epop : hyun joong spoke this with Jeju dialect’s accent!)

EPOP : If you are granted a superpower, what kind of superpower do you wish to have?

KHJ : I have been thinking hard on this, I want to have the superpower which enables me to teleport myself instantly! (epop : where do you want to teleport yourself to?) I thought about this many times, honestly speaking, I really want to visit the coffer of Bank Of Korea~ I am not going inside to steal, just want to go in there and have a look only~ Another thing i want to do, is to visit the UFO prohibited site in U.S. , isn’t there those kind of places in America? If can teleport myself instantly, I want to visit there. (epop : lastly, another place you would like to visit?) As you know, somewhere that guys would want to go~~ (epop : i think places that guys want to go is…en…boys restricted places!) May not be that, there’s also Beauty Salon, or even Manicure parlor~

EPOP : Although it’s a job that you like, however, nonetheless you are still human, there must have been times where you felt greatly pressurized?

KHJ : Of course there are lots of pressure, i felt stressed during the preparation for Asia Tour, it’s stressful during drama shooting too. However, I will not purposely distress myself, because it’s not something that can just go away as you wish. I will tolerate until the very last second on stage, and that’s when I will feel the best~ also when it’s the shooting for last scene of the drama, there would not be anymore stress I would start to relax~ (epop : you must been very happy at that moment?) That’s right, really very happy, I will work out too, but not for distressing, but because I, Kim Hyun Joong as a celeb, there’s a must for body management.

EPOP : What do you think is your personal charm?

KHJ : There should be charms that I don’t know of, I have also pondered over what I’m good at~ (epop : is there any instances where you look into the mirror, And thought to yourself “I’m really handsome”?) I do that, but when I go back home and look into the mirror without make-up on, I will feel very awkward… Just like girls, girls are more confident with make-up on, maybe it’s because I work as an artist, I also feel more confident with make-up on. (epop : then which part of your body, do you think it’s the most beautiful?) I like my eyes the most!

EPOP : Whats the happiest moment you had recently?

KHJ : The happiest moment I had recently is when I went to Japan~ I was detained at the airport, because previous times I went, I always used visa that’s for performance purposes. That time, I used travel visa to Japan, and I was detained inside the airport for an hour, I was very happy when they released me~ (epop : why were you detained?) Because I always used artist visa~ (epop : due to your high popularity in Japan, so they thought you are going to perform in Japan, but used travel visa to check in?) Yup! Therefore, after being kept for 1 hour, I was really happy at the moment I was released~ (epop : what were you thinking during that one hour’s time?) At that time, they kept saying, if you perform in Japan, you will get caught, of course i was not happy about it, but also because of this, I was released, and i was in a ver good mood! (epop : then, no more pressure right?) Yes, I was really pressurized back then!

EPOP : What’s your future plans?

KHJ : I will still meet everyone as a singer, I also want to go on more shows and interact with my fans~

EPOP : if there is only 24 hours left to live, what will you do?

KHJ : if there’s only 24 hours left, I no choice to do anything too, I only wish to have dinner together with my family, and pray to God, let me go to heaven! (epop : aigoo, what an honest reply! Hehe)

EPOP : your partner fir your UFO trip is?

KHJ : Although I don’t have anyone right now, but I think I will go with the girl I like in the future~ (epop : if that girl is frightened to go, and doesn’t want to go with you?) Then, I won’t tell her first, just go directly together!

EPOP : you have been to Taiwan for a few times, do you have any Taiwanese friends?

KHJ : Sadly, I don’t have any friends in Taiwan~ but I want yo meet the actors from Taiwan version of ‘boys over flowers’~


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