300 hundred fans waited overnight for Kim Hyun Joong

Source : daily.co.jp
Eng trans : http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com

Fans rushed to handshake event to meet Kim Hyun Joong.


On 7th, Korean actor cum singer Kim Hyun Joong held a handshake session in Osaka, Japan, to commemorate the release of second single Heat (released ob 4th July).

Female fans flooded the venue, at River Place in Minato, Osaka. Staffs had to evacuate 300 fans who queued overnight a safe place due to thunderstorm at around 10pm last night.


Handshake session started at 12:30pm, fans waiting in rows for handshake extends to about 700 meters long. “So many people came and I’m really thankful” showing a smile. (khj)

Kim Hyun Joong proclaimed to be the men who brings the rain, as it rains whenever there’s an outdoor event. However, it was sunny during noon today, “I was worried about the weather, it was so sunny”, “let’s start the handshake immediately” joyfully said as he took of his jacket.






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