Kim Hyun Joong is currently on a strict diet

KHJ is on a strict diet lately, he is restricting the amount of calories intake for each meal, in order to lose weight in preparation for his new drama.

Below is the original entry on henecia japan site.

source : henecia japan
eng trans :

Hi everyone, this is from the management agency,
what do you think of ‘Heat’ and ‘Let’s party’?
Previously, at Tokyo’s handshake session, despite it was raining, still so many came to support, really thankful for that. Hyun Joong went to dance and singing rehearsal after the handshake, exercise too.
He has always been working out during this promotion period.
Also, he is currently on a very strict diet for his drama, really respect this kind of dieting.
News of getting no.1 for album sales was notified in rehearsal room too.
Very happy to get number 1, with song from B’z, performing this song for everyone, was a challenge for Hyun Joong, but Hyun Joong felt more secured after getting so much support from japanese fans.
Afterwards, practiced even harder.
For promotions, Hyun Joong will have many activities, Guerrila concert on 4th is also part of the activities.
We accepted Hyun Joong’s ‘do it no matter what’ idea, wanting to have a guerrila concert on the day of album release!!
In order to fulfill Hyun Joong’s wish, staffs have been working together to keep everything in order.
Of course, with the help of everyone who came which made it a successful performance, just like ‘Heat’, Hyun Joong has put much attention on ‘Let’s Party’ as well, felt very happy for being able to enjoy Hyun Joong’s performance with everyone.
In addition, on 7th, in order to meet more fans, according to Hyun Joong’s wish, we have decided to have another handshake session in osaka.
For the success in promoting Hyun Joong’s japanese single ‘Heat’. hereby plead to everyone that’s coming, please coordinate with us for the success of the event.
Wish everyone’s meeting with Hyun Joong will be a good one!!
Everyone, please continue to show your passionate support for Hyun Joong!


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong is currently on a strict diet

  1. Megamelina23

    Hi! Thank u so much for always translating the boys articles n messages so that we, their International fans, can understand them better. Especially for me, who happen to be darling KHJ fan, i’m most appreciative of yor tireless efforts. Keep up the good work n take care!

    1. babyvfan Post author

      Hello~~ thank you for your kind words ^^
      Really meant a lot to me ~
      I’m happy to share their news, and seems like this is the only thing I’m able to do for them.
      Enjoy your Sunday!


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