How to participate : Find a video of Kyu Jong (any type, can be old videos from ss501 period too)
(1)send me the url to the video, (2)indicate the part from the video that you like the most.
(3)write 1 to 2 sentences of what u want to say to kyu jong/why you like that part of the video/or just simply what you like about kyu jong.

For example :
1.URL : youtube.com/watch?v=B3L9D_x9aaM
2. @2:27
3. Always the first one to wake up among the members, and now you have taken the lead to head off to army.
We will wait for you.

Deadline : 20the july.

Please send ur entry to : babyvfan@sina.com.
A full length vid will be compelled and this will be sent to kyu jong.
Your contribution to the making of the vid will be noted along in the description session of the video.

Do send in ur entries, this is a last minute plan but im looking forward to ur participation. Thank u!


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