Kim Hyun Joong wins Yamashita Tomohisa and Morning Musume in album sales!

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Kim Hyun Joong’s new single ‘Heat’ album sold over 137,774 copues since its release on 4th July.
Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong released new japanese single ‘Heat’ on 4th, and has won the top spot so far on Oricon daily ranking, as reported by JoongAng Ilbo.

On the same day of release, were the new songs ‘One Two Three’ by Morning Musume (56139 copies sold) and ‘Love Chase’ by Yamashit Tomohisa (54244 copies sold). HYun Joong set an overwhelming CD sales record of 137,774 copies.

B’z participated in the production of ‘Heat’.

Hyun Joong’s second single ‘Heat’, lyrics by Inaba Hiroshi and song composed and designed by Matsumoto Takahiro. It is also the first time that B’z has wrote a song for other artist.

5000 fans went to Hyun Joong’s handshake event
On the 3rd, to commemorate the release of ‘Heat’ album, Hyun Joong held handshake session in Tokyo. According to Joongang Ilbo, originally, only lucky fans chosen by lottery were to shake hand with Hyun Joong. However, Hyun Joong wanted to shake hand with every single one at the venue, the turn out was great.

In addition, 5000 people flocked to handshake event on 7th at Minatomachi River Place in Osaka, with around 300 people queued overnight for the event.

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ヒョンジュンと同じ日に新曲をリリースしたモーニング娘の「One・Two・three/The 摩天楼ショー」56,139枚や山下智久の「LOVE CHASE」54,244枚よりも圧倒的な発売記録137,774枚を打ち立てた。







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