Kim Kyu Jong’s new MV – My Precious One

From loenent @ YouTube

Kim Kyu-Jong, starting his military service on July 23rd, is releasing his second mini-album [Meet Me Again]. The mini-album contains his feelings for fans who loved and supported him since his debut as SS501 in 2005. It is the result of hard work that went into the album, as a promise with his fans who have been by his side for the past 7 years to meet again after his 2 years of absence. The title song “My Precious One” — a ballad number filled with longing and warm feelings for a loved person — is a gift by Tae Wan, writer of Rain’s “Love Song” and an old friend of Kyu-Jong. The lyrics express Kim Kyu-Jong’s feelings for his fans by saying that they are precious even when right by him, that he will miss them even when they are with him, and that they will be his last love even if they should part. [Meet Me Again] will be Kim Kyu-Jong’s last present for his fans before his military service. ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : Kim Kyu Jong(キム・ギュジョン) _ Meet Me Again MV 入隊を控えているキム・ギュジョンが、来る7月23日セカンド・ミニアルバム[Meet Me Again]を発表する。 2005年SS501デビュー以来、キム・ギュジョンを惜しみなく愛して応援してくれたファンに対する気持ちを今回のミニアルバムに込めた。デビューから今まで7年間一緒にしてきたファンたちに2年後の再会を約束しながらアルバム作業に熱中した結果物だ。 タイトル曲「大切な人」は、ビの「君を引き止める歌」を作曲したギュジョンの長年の親友、テワンがプレゼントした曲で、愛する人に向けた切なくて暖かい心が


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