Kim Hyun Joong perfectly changes into a tough man on City Conquest

Source: TV Report
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Hyun Joong is now ready to portray a tough man.

Kim is playing the leading role of Baek Mir, who tries to revenge himself on the society that drove him and his family toward destruction, in the new drama series City Conquest. In some snapshots released on July 30, Kim is shooting an action scene, overpowering his enemy.

According to reports, he perfectly shot the scene with his quick moves and perfect acting, rolling over the ground covered all over with mud, so the crew gave him a big applause.

For this series, Kim did a lot of exercise, going to an action school, and reduced his body fat up to 7% by controlling the size of his meal.

City Conquest is based on Shin Hyung Bin’s cartoon series. It’s a humanistic action drama series about Baek Mir (played by Kim Hyun Joong), who grows up blaming his parents who abandoned him when he was young, revenging himself on the society that drove his family toward destruction. The crew of the drama series Iris work together again for this series.


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