“City Conquest” Jung Yoo Mi, Waiting for Kim Hyun Joong?

City Conquest

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Jung Yoo Mi became an official cup noodle girl.

The drama “City Conquest” recently revealed a still of Jung Yoo Mi holding a cup of instant noodles and waiting for someone. Without much details as to what the drama will be about, it added even more to the curiosity that has been building up.

With the debris of what looks like quite a bit of waiting, Jung Yoo Mi is sitting on a slab of rock quite freely. Her expression is quite serious and she seems slightly sad. Her willingness to sit outside to wait for someone this way seems to suggest something about the character storyline.

In “City Conquest” Jung Yoo Mi plays jewelry designer Lee Dan Bi who is destined to fall in love with Hallyu star Mir Baek (played by Kim Hyun Joong). She is an honest and innocent hopeless romantic and Jung Yoo Mi had already been the target of much jealousy from the female audiences.

Jung Yoo Mi is known for her portrayals in “Thousand Days Promise” and her upcoming appearance is highly anticipated.

Read more at http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/12691/20120817/city-conquest-jung-yoo-mi-waiting-for-kim-hyun-joong.htm#YyERpirHQAxycH7P.99


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