[2012.8.27]It’s been 3 years…!

ErHuhmm.. Wow!

It’s been three years… 3 years since i have fallen in ‘love’ with SS501, the magnificent 5 men – Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun. It’s been 3 years since i opened this blog and started blogging about them. Time really flies~ I remember how i knew absolutely cared nothing about KPOP 3 years ago when i was watching Boys Over Flowers. Until now… everything about these 5 men just somehow ‘sparks’ the excitement in me. (i was into Jonas Brothers, taylor swift ..etc 3 years ago)

To share a bit more, I was not even into watching Boys Over Flowers at the start. The truth was, back then my mum was watching it on TV, waiting for me to get back from rehearsals. So, somehow while resting after a long day of rehearsal each week, i started watching the drama together with mum. The first part of this drama i watch was at that episode where Hyun Joong still had his long yellow hair, holding a guitar in his ‘house’. And my first reaction was…. this guy’s hair really sucks. (Dont throw eggs at me!) Because I usually prefer a guy with shorter hair + fringe .. Thus, i did not like Hyun Joong at all during all the episodes where he had that center parting and long hair… (My favourite F4 member was actually Ki Bum then)

Well, until this episode, Ji Hoo sunbae cut his hair! That totally changed everything, i switched my favourite f4 member from kibum to hyun joong. (totally loved the new hairstyle) I began searching of Kim Hyun Joong on google, wikipedia, finding out about the idol group he was in. Then…taddaaaa!! I’m in ‘love’ with both Hyun Joong and SS501~~ Just like that :)) I slowly switched to listening ss501 songs on repeat instead of jonas brother songs, sometimes i would even fall asleep while my phone is still ‘singing’, then waking up in the morning realising ‘because im stupid’ have went on repeats for hundreds of times. I also went on to search for older videos of them, variety shows such as ‘thanks for waking me up’ & ‘thanks for raising me’ just made me to ‘sink’ deeper into their charming ‘swamp’.

Furthermore, it is actually an amazement to me, that i’m able to like them for such a long time. Maybe to others, 3 years is not that long, but to me, 3 years is the longest period ever i have like a celebrity. Maybe it was because i was young back then and used to have this ‘habit’ for not being able to like any celeb/group for a little more than 6 months.

There’s also a funny conclusion i got after liking ss501, ‘i have completed so many first times in my life’! (omy;;;) I was jokingly saying if i done well for end-of-year exams, then i shall go for ss501’s persona in S’pore (which did not happen in S’pore). Mum heard and said i could fly to Shanghai and watch ss501’s persona if i get at least 5As out of 7 subjects. So i took on the bet, and started studying hard for that 1 month, and guess what!?? i won the bet ^^ lols, thankfully mom kept to her promise as well~ so both of flew to shanghai for the concert in November. This is the first time i have flown just to watch a concert :/ It was a wonderful night, such that until now, each time i listen to ‘love like this’, i can literally breathe the cool air.

Shortly after that, i started going to all sorts kpop fanmeets/fansigns, just to practice my photography skills when there are loads of people pushing around you. To gain more experience, so that when one of them come, i’m able to capture the moments well. (it’s always been a regret for me for not bringing a camera to their persona concert, im not sure how long will it be until another persona comes around.)

Now, this blog is still alive, thankfully, although i have been posting lesser and lesser due to time constraints. I have been losing track due to my ‘rigorous’ school loads, project work, guitar and other stuffs 😦
I dont know how many three years i can/will continue to like Hyun Joong and the rest of the members, but I will always be grateful to have come to know about them and wont regret for liking them. Seriously, i have learnt so much from them, from fellow fans over the last 3 years~~ Thank you ❤❤❤


7 thoughts on “[2012.8.27]It’s been 3 years…!

  1. fghtrs

    “I dont know how many three years i can/will continue to like Hyun Joong and the rest of the members, but I will always be grateful to have come to know about them and wont regret for liking them. Seriously, i have learnt so much from them” aaww i really like this sentence
    me too, i love hyun joong when i watch Boys Before Flower
    although I’m not a triple s from the start but I’ll be triples until end
    thank you to update news from five amazing men, ❤

  2. Maria (Peru)

    ooohhh for me its almost the same time … I also start with the boys over flowers and the first time I saw hyun joong oppa I said … Is a boy or a girl ?? but the more I watch him the more I like him and not only in the drama aldso in performings, in the videos, in the song, in the show like WGM with hwang bo and more… so THANK YOU cause for you and your blog I had the chance to be close to them to SS501 OPPAS !!! You really do a magnificient job so thanks for everythin!!! GREETINGS AND LOVE FROM PERU (SOUTH AMERICA) By the way this novemeber is comming BIG BANG to my country so IM very happy … maybe someday SS501 would come!!!! Fighting!!!!!

  3. yyann

    keep on going.. I didnt know you were rather ‘new’ fans to the 5of them; instead i thought you follow since they debut. HAHA *old me*..oh well… lets just keep on going and support them. And you too! Keep ur blog updates going and study hard! (;

  4. Ingrid

    I like Boys Over Flowers, I think I have memorized all the episodes 😛 and I will never get tired of watching it over and over again. It was thru BOF that I discovered WGM episodes of KHJ and this is where my friend and I started to like him and SS501. It was in 2010, I am a self-confessed late bloomer. My friend and I could have been in all Persona concerts had we known SS501 earlier, just like how we were in 5 Asian fanmeet of KHJ this year. We also watched Kyu Jong and Young Saeng’s And Story in Manila and we were present in Baby’s fanmeet in Singapore 🙂 Whenever there is a chance to go to any event involving any member of SS501, we would really love to be there 🙂 The best part is meeting new friends (like you 🙂 who share the same interests.


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