Kim Hyun Joong drives a truck on City Conquest: “Where is the pretty boy?”

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Kim Hyun Joong recently appealed to many women with a picture of himself driving a truck.

Kim drove a truck for one of the scenes in his new drama series City Conquest filmed in Japan. It’s hard to imagine him driving a mini-truck on the streets of Japan because he has always played such roles as a pretty boy and a rich boy.

In some snapshots of the scene recently released, Kim is driving a truck, on which liquor bottles are loaded, in shabby clothes and with a long face.

Kim’s image in this scene is quite different from the manly one in the spectacular scene of him skillfully driving a motorcycle.

People responded: “I’ve never seen Kim Hyun Joong like this.” “He’s still handsome though.” “Why don’t you give me a ride?”

City Conquest is produced by the production team of the drama series Iris, and it stars Kim, Jung Yumi, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo, and Kim Young Ho.


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