Kim Hyun Joong – 20th Story… (Official Message) 120917

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It’s really been a long time since i have left a message.
There was typhoon today, im still busy as usual…
need to prepare for ‘City of Conquest’ japan promotion, as well as new album.
For the new album next year, have started preparation for choreography…
Resting but cant lie still, hehe.
I will work hard in filming of City Of Conquest, must watch okay, ^^ invite friends to watch too.
After reading the script, i like it a lot, very objectively, hehehehe
Hot summer has past, cooling autumn has arrived, mid-autumn is around the corner too, all are going back to town right? ?
Wish you a safe trip^^ drive safely.. right now besides filming, i wish to hurry release a new album in korea too.
My whole body is itchy…
Although im working, but have to stay in… feel like im busy but actually taking a break.. maybe its because of autumn..

Just joking ^^ sorry for not being active on official site recently, i will definitely be back with an awesome drama and new album ^^
I will always be preparing for something new, never stop dreaming, you must get ready to follow too ^^
Ah, also ^^ This is a present, Mile version Hyun Joong


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