Kim Hyun Joong holds a Japanese event with over 10,000 fans

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Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun Joong recently held an event to celebrate the first anniversary of his Japanese official fan club.

On October 4, Kim met over 10,000 fans at Budokan in Japan to celebrate the first anniversary of the fan club Henecia Japan.

At the event, Kim also introduced his TV series City Conquest, which he is currently working on.

Director Yang Yoon Ho and actress Jung Yoo Mi of the series attended the event as special guests to talk about the series.

They also had some time to talk to those in attendance about the series and Kim.

The digest version of the series and the making film were released for the first time at the event and received considerable attention.

The highlight of the event was Kim’s special performance. Kim rearranged his hit songs with a band and impressed the audience with the high quality sound and fantastic performances.

He made the audience wild with excitement by performing songs, including, “Do You Like That,” “Lucky Guy,” and “Heat.” His sweet ballads, including, “Marry Me” and “I’m Your Man” also captured the audience.

Kim made people laugh by saying, “I want to thank Henecia Japan members for always supporting me. I want to celebrate the fifth, tenth, and the hundredth anniversary with you. In order to do that, I will perform good songs and act well, and you stay healthy with good food and medicines.”

The series, which is starring Kim, will air on KBS in the first half of 2013.


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