Kim Hyun Joong, “I’m just like Baek Mir when it comes to…”

source : sohu
translate :
repost with proper credit please
(just a quick trans of highlights)

Baek Mir = Kim Hyun Joong?

When asked about first impression on male and female leads, director of City of Conquest expressed his thoughts on KHJ “a very good looking man (flower boy), but after interaction, it’s quite surprising. He is actually very man, and becomes very cute after a few drinks.”

MC asked a question which was not scripted, however, it did not seem to be a problem to KHJ.
Q : What’s the similarity between you and the role you play?”
KHJ : en….en, this question was not in script, let me think for a second”
(no wonder it’s the 4D leader)
KHJ : Even as i say it, you may not believe. I am the same with Mir, if i meet the girl i really like, i will risk my life to protect her!
It was a very honest reply~.


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