Kim Hyun Joong transforms into a Japanese bride for City of Conquest

Source : Sohu
eng trans :
repost with proper credits

(just a quick trans of highlights)

In City of Conquest, there’s a scene where hyun joong transformed into a female – japanese bride. The scene was on a honeymoon boat (in japan), Hyun Joong wore japanese traditional female outfit and had female make-over. While, Jung YooMi acted as male – the groom. Hyun Joong was too ‘pretty’ to the extent that YooMi exclaimed “it really poses a threat to girls seeing him like this”.
MC couldn’t help but to praise Hyun Joong’s good skin complex “as smooth as an egg!” , Hyun Joong suddenly repeated this sentence (out of nowhere), making everyone bursts into laughter.
Kim Hyun Joong revealed that the last time he acted as a female was “at 2005’s concert”, when asked if he will worry that his uzoosin’s manly image would be ruined as a cause, he said “as an actor, it’s a must to be able to adapt to various image/concepts, as long as the audience is happy.”.


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