Kim Hyun Joong – Happy Camp Recording Highlights

Here are some highlights of tonight’s recording.
As said in my previous post, it is not good to share photos and videos before the official broadcasting.
So I will only post here the ones that are shared by Happy Camp directors and official happy camp weibo. (photos credits as tagged)

Look at the number of fans that turned up!


Hyun Joong dancing to breakdown


Joong danced to gangnam style too~

Hyun Joong won all the games too~ originally, he had to update a weibo himself if he loses, but he won, so HeJiong was the one that has to write to HaiTao “lets get together” . Hyun Joong was the one that helped HeJiong to press the ‘send’ button.
A.这条微博是刚刚节目录制的时候,何老师玩游戏输了以后的惩罚 B.发送键是@金贤重 按的

A photo of hyun Joong thinking.. 생각종 ~


p.s. Khj was very polite, nodding to staffs, helping XieNa to hold her mic when she was playing games. He even gave a birthday present to HaiTao ~

For more ‘snippets’ of tonight’s recording, u can trace back my tweets @wangziqi .


3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong – Happy Camp Recording Highlights

  1. khjfanatic

    thank you so much for the live update! it seems i was there with you watching everything he did and said! enjoyed much!

    salamat po from the philippines


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