Kim Hyun Joong – BTS of interview at Liaoning TV

Do you still remember that at the start of the year, hyun joong made his appearance on LiaoNing TV? Also, there was a new year countdown interview of KHJ with one of the MC. Recently, LiaoNing TV released BTS info about KHJ’s interview, here’s it is :
20120 @Kim HYun Joong (weibo id), made appearance on LiaoNing New Year countdown show, MC @黑黑的小黑黑 (weibo id) specially brought a secret weapon, a super sour spicy fried chicken wing for Kim Hyun Joong as present. Finally, when Hyun Joong opened the box which contains “all red” chicken wing, and took a deep sniff, the next thing we heard is “wah, axi”, Hyun Joong closed his eyes, refusing to taste this super spicy chicken before going on stage.

(trans by


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