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I have not been updating much about Kim Hyun Joong these days, not that I don’t like him anymore, because I still do.
Life has been really busy since October, 1st the promo exams, 2ndly came the painstaking PW. Then there’s dance rehearsals for chingay next year.. guitar practices for SYC (formerly known as SYF) and Christmas concert! Feel like as if im not even home these days. Barely have anytime to sit down and do my own stuffs. Finally made some time to watch KHJ;s happy camp last week! It was okay i guess, he is 4D as expected. Getting so serious on the topic of communicating to dogs. Also, showing his competitive side again on variety programme~

Although there are several unpleasant encounters in the past month, but im lucky to have friends supporting me and sticking with me through it. So let those bygones be bygones. I will always keep the good ones with me and let the bad ones fade into the dark. ^^

Did something else for a change too, instead of only going to KHJ’s events, for the past 2 weekends, I have attended SM Town concert and G.na’s meet and greet. SM town atmosphere was really great, the crowds, the lights, the stage, the stars. MAGNIFICENT SHOW indeed. Took these opportunities to sharpen my photography and videography skills too.

Shinee’s Onew, Super Junior’s Ryowook, Exo’s Chen and Baekhyun singing ‘Open Arms’.

G.na’s vocal is really great, she appears to be friendly too. Here’s a video i took of her singing ‘I Miss You Already’.

Couldn’t help but to say, KHJ’s unlimited album will be out on 12th Dec. Its actually 12/12/12, the last repetitive date we will ever see! I found it as something special, like a ‘day to remember’ kind of thing. The teaser video was released recently too, his singing ability improved a lot, i would say, as compared to previous album. The song genre suits him well too.

Christmas is coming, the year is ending, the new year is around the corner. Hope all will enjoy the last month of 2012 and end it on a good note~


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