Kim Hyun Joong – new message 20130108 ‘bed incident’

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23rd message :

Finished 2013’s first schedule, went back to where I was staying, grabbed something simple to eat, took a shower and went to bed.
Maybe it’s because it was the first event, so was nervous and put in lots of energy. Thus fell asleep very fast. Wake up to see it’s already 2:30am, always realize how fast time passes until very late.

Went back to bed and prepare to sleep again.. About 10 minutes later??
It was hot during the concert, and used voice too much. As if back to this world again, drank so much water then (during the concert). Hurriedly ran to the washroom, washed face?? Keke…walking back towards the bed again…

Since I like darkness, so the room was under dark mood, searched for bed in the darkness that night.
Then jumped like did before in CF, smoothly diving into the pillows and go back to sleep again………………..

However all this was just my imagination…….
This time, company did not give me double sized bed, but 2 beds standard room…..
I jumped and landed in the empty space between the two beds…….
Head smashed against the drawer, body landed on the floor……………..
It was too painful that I can’t even mutter a single sound……….
Rolling alone in dark.
Thinking about it, it was so funny, that I laughed it out myself…
So now theres another wound on my arm keke
Then fell asleep again, the bump on the head is hidden by hair so can’t really see.
Won’t it be to comical to start the new year….
If there’s secret camera in the room, would really want to watch it again…

This morning, coordi noona’s toner is not the mist type, so she sprayed the toner directly to my eyes……….. Really anticipating the new year.


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong – new message 20130108 ‘bed incident’

  1. taeborum

    Kekekeke…Euhahahah….poor baby…really anticipating the new year…
    It is not comical for sure…to have painful wounds and bumps… 😦 should put glaces on it…
    Hyun, please remember next time to not jumb to bed again in inknown room…kekeke… 😉

  2. dandelionhyun69 (@dandelionhyun69)

    LOL^^….’am sorry with a bump and him landed on the floor, but relating his story like this I can’t help not to laugh…^^…this could be one of his most unforgettable experience to start his year activity,hahaha….

    and again thank you for the translate…^^


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