Kim Hyung Jun and Yoo Ye Eun performed at SPD Charity Show in Singapore

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On 17th March, Hallyu star Kim Hyung Jun and Korean pianist Yoo Ye Eun, chosen as representative of Korea, performed at SPD Charity Show hosted by MEDIACORP TV SINGAPORE. Together with 30 local and international artistes, Kim and Ye Eun came together to perform in aid of the Society for the Physically Disabled.

Representative of Korean Embassy in Singapore disclosed that Kim Hyung Jun is chosen to represent Korea in this charity show is because Kim is known to be a very charitable person and he has a really clean image.

Kim Hyung Jun also expressed that he was very happy to come for the show as it is for such a good cause. Although this is the first time for Kim Hyung Jun to join charity event overseas, however, Kim Hyung Jun has been actively doing Charity work in Korea. He has been known to donate rice to low income families for 2 years in a row. To aid in raising fund for the physically disabled, Kim Hyung Jun performed ‘Sorry I’m Sorry’ and ‘Just Let It Go’ from his latest album ‘Escape’.

As for the talented pianist Yoo Ye Eun, this is her third time performing at SPD Charity Show, the last time she was here was 2 years ago. Ye Eun, though she could not see, but has a special talent in playing piano that she is able to play a song just by hearing it. Ye Eun performed two pieces at the show, ‘Flight of Bumble Bee’ and ‘Beautiful Life’ (self-composed by Ye Eun, lyrics by Liang Wen Yin).

SPD Charity Show ended with a success, with all efforts put in by various artists, donations exceeded target amount of 3.5million! If you have missed the show yesterday, you may catch it again this coming Sunday on Channel 8.

For fans of Kim Hyung Jun, stay tuned to us for an exclusive scoop of Kim Hyung Jun!

Lastly, would also like to thank SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled) for the opportunity to attend SPD Charity Show 2013.


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