2013 Recruit for Kim Hyun Joong official fan club, Henecia

Source : Keyeast

Greetings from the KEYEAST.

We are recruiting 2013’ Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club, Henecia.

If you are a member of Kim Hyun Joong’s official web homepage(hyun-joong.com), domestic or international,

you can submit the application form of Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club, Henecia.

Those who want to join the official fan club are asked to check below contents and we are asking your much concern and participation.

Thank you.

1. Subscription period: Apr. 4, 2013(Thur) ~ Apr. 26(Fri) 11:59PM

Period to check deposit: Apr. 4, 2013(Thur) ~ Arp. 30(Tue) PM 11:59

※ Considering oversea wire transfer, subscription period and

period to check deposit are different, please understand it.

2. Requirements: Member of Kim Hyun Joong’s official homepage (hyun-joong.com).

3. Recruiting method

A. Check notification of 2013’ membership recruitment for the official fan club at the official homepage(hyun-joong.com)

B. Deposit fan club subscription fee to the 2013 Henecia subscription fee deposit account.

C. Write mail of confirming deposit and send(keep deposit receipt).

D. Apply member grade on June 6, 2013.

※ We do not receive individual inquiry related to deposit.

4. Subscription fee




Area 1

50,000won or $48

Area 2

65,000won or $60

Area 3

70,000won or $65

※ When receiving goods overseas, due to shipping cost, subscription fees are made high.

※ To check oversea shipping countries refer to the attachment.


5. Deposit information

Bank name

Woori Bank

Account holder’s name


Account number




Address of Woori Bank head office

1585, Sangam-dong, mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Account holder’s English name


Account holder’s English address

6F American Standard Bldg, 110-1 Samsung-dong,

Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-090, Korea



6. Deposit e-mail form

E-mail address : henecia2012@naver.com

E-mail title: [Domestic or oversea] Confirm fan club subscription deposit

E-mail content:

[Personal information]

A. Name of applicant(Korean)

B. Name of applicant(English)

C. Date of birth

D. Hyun-joong.com ID

E. Address to receive goods(zip code is necessary)

F. Cellular phone number

G. Home phone number

[Deposit information]

A. Name of deposit

B. Date of deposit

C. Time of deposit

D. Deposit amount

※ Oversea receivers need to write address in local language and English.

※ Zip code and address should be written accurately.

※ Mail commission is charged upon re-shipping due to address change or personal reason so please note it.

I. Active period: June 6, 2013 ~ December 31, 2014(Wed)

Membership period can be changed arbitrarily according to active period.

II. Official fan club membership card issue

III. Provide 2013 HENECIA Special goods (one time).

IV. Preferential participation in Kim Hyun Joong’s official schedules(upon agreement with organizer).

V. Advanced reservation of Kim Hyun Joong’s concerts and charged fan meeting in Korea(upon agreement with production agency and ticket agency).

※ Charged fan meeting is expected to proceed on June 8, 2013.

VI. Chance to participate in purchase service of Kim Hyun Joong’s oversea concert ticket(upon agreement with organizer).

VII. Chance to participate in purchase service for fan club such as Kim Hyun Joong’s official magazine, Japanese album, official goods, etc (upon agreement with retailer).

VIII. Give regular member grade of official homepage( expected to be applied in June 2013).

IX. Plan to provide exclusive notification in the official homepage and separate special service(Expected to be applied in June 2013).

l Guide for oversea subscribers

I. Subscriber’s name and depositor should be identical.

II. Please deposit amount corresponding to each nation.

III. Money transmission commission is charged when proceeding oversea deposit and transmission commission and interim commission are charged personally, please understand it.

IV. Subscription fee is bank remittance in principle due to concern on financial incident occurrence.

V. Shipping period is applied differently according to local shipping system and situation and so shipping period can be delayed.

l Guide for subscribers under age of 14

I. <> Material to confirm legal representative(parents) and subscriber’s relation.

II. Certified copy of the register or family relations certificate or a copy of medical insurance scanned should be sent to us along with parent’s consent letter and deposit confirming mail.

III. Subscribers under age of 14 need consent of legal representative on providing and using personal information according to ‘the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information’ and ‘privacy protection guideline’.

IV. When there is difficulty scanning certified copy of the register or family relations certificate or a copy of medical insurance, you can fax to 82-2-3444-2549.

l Notes related to subscription

I. Official fan club proceeds limited to the members of Kim Hyun Joong’s official homepage (hyun-joong.com).

II. Fan club application should be done by the applicant’s name and when applying with other person’s name, fan club benefits are not given.

III. After deposit of fan club subscription fee, please keep deposit receipt by printing or capture (membership can be checked with deposit receipt before fan club membership card is issued).

IV. Fan club subscription fee cannot be refunded after deposit. So please consider it before applying.

V. When fan club list is organized after the membership subscription period and before that time, fan club subscription and deposit related to matters are not guided individually and only in case not confirming deposit and subscription after the subscription period, it is informed individually.

VI. Please follow stated deposit period and the deposit beyond the stated period is cancelled or refunded and not included in the membership.

VII. When shipping, even though the person is not present at the delivery site, other person(family, relative, friend, co-worker, etc) should be able to receive.

VIII. Regular member grades of the official homepage are going to proceed in June in overall and it is not applied to others except ID put upon application.

IX. Detailed use method related to regular member grade in the official homepage is going to be notified in the official homepage(hyun-joong.com).

X. Inquiry related to recruiting official fan club contacts henecia2012@nave.com.

l Notices related to fan club membership card and official goods delivery

I. Fan club membership card, official goods, and fan club member benefits are special offers only for members, not able to transfer or sell to others. Afterwards such cases are detected, fan club membership is deprived.

II. When wanting to receive goods such as fan club card overseas, shipping cost is added and we do not take responsibility for shipping problems incurred by wrong address or contact information when writing deposit confirming email.

III. Fan club membership card and official goods are 1st delivery in principle and delivered to the address written in the email of confirming deposit. When changing address, additional shipping cost can occur and the cost is charged personally.


11 thoughts on “2013 Recruit for Kim Hyun Joong official fan club, Henecia

  1. bemchik

    Hello, Babyvfan!

    I hope this finds you well and you are doing great =)

    Thank you for the update on fanclub registration. In my country we don’t have much of ‘fan culture’ as our entertainment industry is not well developed, so sometimes it is difficult to understand properly the underlying idea with regards to the fanclub practice.

    May i ask if you know whether the deposit amount, mentioned in the notice re fanclub registration, is a one time payment or one has to make regular payments within the period of membership duration (dec 2014)?

    I would be greatful if you could help to make this clear. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    With many thanks and best wishes for this spring,


    Отправлено с моего коммуникатора HTC

    1. babyvfan Post author

      Hi Bermet,
      This payment is an one time payment, but ur membership will only be valid from 2013-2014.
      after dec 2014, there would probably be another renewal of membership, then you would be asked to make payment again.
      hope this helps~

  2. shahera5

    Thank you for this. How does one become a member of Kim Hyun Joong’s official web homepage(hyun-joong.com). I don’t read Korean.

    1. babyvfan Post author

      you would first need to register on hyun-joong.com
      before applying to become a henecia member.
      registration at hyun-joong.com is free-of-charge. but official henecian membership requires you to pay for it.

      hope this helps!

  3. taeborum

    Hello babyvfan, i submitted to registration on hyun-joong.com since the 10th of April and they didn’t send me any mail of confirmation yet. The time is waisting for registration to Henecian membership. Please, could you help me to get my confirmation email from Keyeast?

    1. shahera5

      OK, I never received an email confirmation, but tonight I was able to log into hyun-joong.com, so I think I can proceed with the next steps which seem to be depositing money into Woori bank account and then sending an email to Henecia confirming I’ve made the deposit. Hope I am understanding this right.

      1. babyvfan Post author

        Hi yes, if u are from singapore, lovingkhj is doing a group transfer for henecian membership. U can join them to save on bank transfer fees

  4. shahera5

    I have had the same problem. I submitted a registration to hyun-joong.com and never received an email confirmation. I don’t know what to do.

  5. taeborum

    It didn’t work with me yet. hyun-joong.com didn’t accept my log In and said my ID registration is already taken by… me???!!!

    1. babyvfan Post author

      I think it means that ur id is already taken? Either u hace registered there before or soneobe else already registered with the same id.


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