Happy 501 day ♥ some thoughts to share

It’s been a year since I last posted a “happy 501 day”. (Lol, THE!)
Although I may not be as active as I was on this space, but in my heart, ss501 still holds a big and deep place.
Earlier today, I read the news that Hyung Jun has plans to enter army next year. And there I went to think.. kyu jong will come out next year.. how maby 2 years we (triples) need to wait ?
But then again, im so used to waiting and waiting that I have the patience, confidence and believe in myself (as well as the boys) that I will still be a triple S when they finally comeback as ONE. There’s nothing more we are better at other than waiting right? Its becoming a signature for doubleS fans.

“If you believe in it strong enough,  it will become true”

Though I may not have been a TS from the very beginning,  but I will be a TS for the many years ahead. And now and future are all that matters.

Keep the faith and continue loving. Let’s walk the path together…

#till we meet again#

Happy 501 day ♥

★ 5 stars met in the universe, united t0gether as 1 ★


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