Kim Hyun Joong donated 100 million won to victicms of Ya’an earthquake

Proud of HJ! proud to be ur fan ^^

Earlier today, One Foundation revealed via Chinese social platform -Weibo, that hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has made a donation of 100 million Won to victims of Ya’an earthquake in China. Ya’an earthquake, also known as Lushan earthquake happened on the 20th of April, it was said to be the most traumatizing disaster for China in 2013. The earthquake has resulted in at least 196 people dead, 24 missing and at least 11,826 injured.

On weibo, One Foundation confirmed the receive of donation from Kim Hyun Joong and promised everyone to make good use of the money in reconstruction of affected areas. With the donation made, Kim Hyun Joong also wishes that victims in Ya’an could be blessed.

In response to this, fans on various social platforms left messages praising Kim Hyun Joong of his good deed, such as – “He did this once again, I’m proud to be his fan.” , “He is always reaching out to those in need!” and “He knows how to give back to the society, really proud of him!” etc.

Indeed, Kim Hyun Joong is known to be a charitable man as he has made various donations to people in need throughout the past few years, such as donating to victims of Japan earthquake, World Vision and Abierta’s House of Friendship in Philippines.


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