Park Jung Min talks about SS501 on MTalk
Trans : @wangziqi
Source : MTALK
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This is just a section from Jung Min’s recent interview with MTalk (a korean digital magazine)

Jung Min “After such a long time. Took photo with ss501 again. Just like I thought, fans were very happy about it.
We have to let each other know who is free, who is not free before hand. So only me, Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong were able to meet. All of us wanted to meet. But couldn’t fix a common time due to busy schedules.
Although it has been long since we last seen one another, but it still feels like we just met yesterday. We would ask about recent activities, also talk about random things.
I think, even if we grow old, we would still stay the same. Because we are always in touch with each other, thus it feels as if we are meeting everyday.
Not long ago, members also created a Kakao chat group. Kyu Jong often says “I’m going to work” (informally). And I always reply with “Being rude early in the morning” (laughs), then we would start quarreling, it’s fun.”


3 thoughts on “Park Jung Min talks about SS501 on MTalk

  1. Maina Edward

    So glad to hear from Jung Min talking about the group & reliving those fond memories, I feel blessed to have know this group & listen to their magical songs all the time.. I pray they come back together to create the same magic which still sparks fire even now.. I wish all the members Kim Hyun-Joong. Heo Young-Saeng Kim Kyu-Jong Park Jung-Min & Kim Hyung-Jun all the happiness… Hope to see you soon guys.

    1. Malena

      Thank you so much for translation^^ That’s is so important part from article 🙂 I miss SS501 so much! Thank you^^ Do you have any free time for translation whole atricle? I’m so curious about Jung Min’s future plan ~

  2. taeborum

    Yes, hope to see you soon guys and wishing you good luck in all achievements! i love your wonderful and unforgettable songs! Fighting!!!^^


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