SS501 8th anniversary video greeting to fans (with translation)

Happy 9th anniversary!

Source : Junusofficialtv
trans :
please repost with credit

(words in bracket are from me, not the boys)

(Happy birthday song)
SS501 : Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday ss501, happy birthday
Hello, this is ss501

Jung Min : Finally, it’s our debut 8th anniversary
It’s already the 8th anniversary, how old were we when we debuted?
19 (jun), 19 (jm), 20 (ys), 19 (kyu)
Now our age is 27 (jm), 27 (jun), 28 (ys), 27 (kyu)

Like us, Everyone’s also aging year by year… it’s all the same
Becoming older (in Korea, growing older is also known as eating your age. Thus jm is doing the eating gesture)

Kyu Jong : Everyone together.

Jung Min : everyone together
It’s really nice to meet up with staffs we used to work together.
Together with us, happily growing old year by year
We also feel very honored.
In the future…

Young Saeng : very good

Jung Min : Not only 8 years, how many years are we going to ?

Hyung Jun : must be very very long~ (kyu jong laughs)
Always work hard together.

Jung Min : Usually, when it’s anniversary, people should be saying “forever” and as such.

Kyu Jong : 80th anniversary
Young Saeng : this person is not gonna change.

Hyung Jun : I meant that there’s no time limit.

Jung Min : It’s our 8th anniversary, we wish to talk to everyone.
Let’s start from our representative Young Saeng
Big shot (means a very important person)
Young Saeng Ssi

Young Saeng : So i become the big shot..
ah, jinja (really) .. It’s already 8th anniversary, a long time has passed.
Age also increased a lot. Everyone also..
Gave us many love during our activities, for this we are very thankful.
Fans who believed in us till the end and are waiting for us, gave us a lot of energy
We will always be thankful for that, I love you.

Hyung Jun : Yes, really thankful to everyone.

Jung Min
: Kyu Jong is still there (talking sequence is from oldest to youngest, thus, it should be kyu jong’s turn first, and hyung jun last)

Hyung Jun : Skipped, (meaning he took over kyu jong’s turn) very thankful.
In the future, not only will there be solo activities but, though don’t know when… When.. will be able to… Don’t know when… (other 3 all laughing)
Really thank you everyone, next time.. Will really work hard, in the future..
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! (hyung jun finally cant take it anymore, since everyone’s laughing at him)
Will work even harder, really thank you!
In the future all of us will bring you a variety of solo activities.
The 5 of us and also the ones that are here together now, in the future, will gather to work on new album, will meet everyone with new greetings.
Will work hard towards an infinitely long , a SS501 with no expiration date.

Jung Min : Whoa, handsome

Kyu Jong : Let’s go from backwards.

Jung Min : No, by sequential order, you go first

Kyu Jong
: I will hurry up finish with my public service, and meet everyone again.
Thank you!!
The last greeting, Jung min ssi
Cameo leader,

Jung Min : Visual cameo, cameo leader
There will be some ss501 activities, also various solo activities. Hope everyone will stay by us and support us.
Oh.. Also hope everyone continue to support us and SS501.
Everyone, please be healthy! Must stay and live healthily with us. Thank you.

Let’s have one last greeting, time is almost up

Lastly, Boss. The most handsome man on earth. After this you won’t get another chance.

How about oppa? (chorus part of The Art of Seduction)

Young Saeng : Everyone together.. it’s SS501. Thanks everyone.

(Kyu Jong bows)

Jung Min : What are u in a hurry for?

(let me know if there’s any mistakes, i will sub the video and upload on YT soon)


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