Hyun Joong’s violin teacher writes about Hyun Joong

I came across this at khj’s tieba on baidu.
Remember khj played violin in boys ocer flowers?
His violin teacher wrote a blogpost about khj. I will just translate the chinese part here.
(Original blogpost is in korean)

Blogpost url:

Hyun joong’s violin teacher during BOF period recently wrote a blogpost. Recalling that khj is a kind, respectful, well mannered and hard working student.
A bit regretting that she did not become close with hyun joong back when she was teaching him. Now she is a noona fan of khj and has been supporting him with full heart. She wishes that hyun joong can appear more often on tv.
The photo was taken back in october 2008


花样男子拍摄前教金贤重拉小提琴的老师最近在博客发了篇文章,回忆说贤重君是善良、有礼貌、认真努力的学生。教小提琴的时候关系没有变亲密有些后悔,现在是真心为贤重君应援的大妈饭,希望贤重君多多地在电视上出现~ 照片是2008年10月拍的

Please repost with proper credit
Source : 金贤重百贴吧
Blogpost by violin teacher at http://t.cn/zHei0ic
Eng trans : http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com


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