Kim Hyung Jun chosen to be the new model for Lotte JTB

source :

Recently, Kim Hyung Jun was chosen to be the new advertising model for Lotte Groups’s global travel agency Lotte JTB. Lotte JTB is a joint venture between Lotte and Japanese travel agency, which focuses on travel and lifestyle. Kim Hyung Jun will participates in various Hallyu activities and promotional activities aboard as the representative of Lotte JTB for the next one year.

Lotte JTB officials said that the reason for choosing Kim Hyung Jun as their model is because “He always has a bright and healthy image and has a positive influence as a singer and actor both domestically and aboard. His image blends in well with Lotte JTB’s of high-quality travel and culture-oriented healthy image.”

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will be concluding his Live Tour in Japan at the end of this month. He will also be having a special tour package for Japanese fans for the upcoming Birthday Fanmeeting.


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