Kim Hyun Joong – Your Story Korean Ver. MV teaser


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong – Your Story Korean Ver. MV teaser

  1. taeborum

    Sensational! Awesome Masterpiece! Love very much ‘UNBREAKABLE’! Fantastic music and work and splendid choreography! All is magic all is beautiful! It is an amazing Fary Tale! Kim Hyun Joong is a sublime royal tiger! He embodies a god of universe hero with a harmonious concept of hot symbols, creating an atmosphere of grandiose firework! Magnetic Leader looks so handsome! His aura spreads a touch of that unreal fluid image of burst of strong youth! i’m under the spell of his wonderful voice and his ahtletic shape of great dancer! Jay is great too! This is unusual and intense message of great Art in K-POP Music! A powerful performance of passions and strong symbols! All the best for ‘UNBREAKABLE’ and radiant Only One! Love and support ! Fighitng!!! ^^~♥

  2. cineus

    sais absolument magnifique kim , on sais que avec toi on es jamais dessus tu faire toujours du bon travail je n’aime pas je l’adore comment je vous adore mes bon ces pas la question continue a faire du bon travail et que dieu te protégé pour que tu puis continue a nous faire rêve et en plus tu es trop beau trop sexy hummmm au mon dieu quel homme on t’aime monsieur Kim Hyun joong


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