Kim Hyun Joong – Star1 interview (parts)

Trans :

Star1 interview

KHJ says “the first few eps of BF where we shoot overseas, was really tiring for me. Perhaps its because im getting old”

When being praised about giving freee FM.
KHJ’s comment – As for the free fm, I dont think its even comparable to 1% of what my fans have done for me. I dont think I can repay my fans even if I have free concerts for all my fans in every countries. I think im one of those idols that love and caring towards fans. I dont like to see my fans skip school, waiting outside my house or chase after me in taxi. Im the type that do not want them to chase after me. Rather i wish they can put 100% concentrate and excel in their own fields. Similarly, im also working harder and harder to give them better stage each time.

When asked about how he deals with negative comments.
Khj’s reply regarding negative rumors & comments about him – “I dont care much about that. I believe that my fans have faith in the real me.

Words to say to fans?
KHJ – I’m always working hard to become fans’ ONLY ONE. I will make you feel proud for being a fan of kim hyun joong.


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong – Star1 interview (parts)

  1. cineus

    on vous aime kim hyun joong on es tours avec vous comme on dire toujours on peux pas plaire a tours le monde mais saches que on es toujours derrière toi et on vas toujours l’être alors que dieu vous protéger toi et ta familles on conte sur vous kim continue a nous faire rêve comme tu le faire si bien au mon kim tu es encore plus beau et encore plus sexy bravo
    tes fans qui t’adores de tours les cœurs

  2. ing

    His words is so sweet…pure of sincerity. You already give us more than enough hyun joong… we always proud being your ya always.


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