Kim Hyun Joong clears up about rumors on SBS talkshow

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Kim Hyun Joong recently attended a talkshow programme (by SBS) and cleared up about several rumors.
One of which is about a viral topic that was spread around. “After becoming a hallyu star, he became arrogant. Except for Bae Yong Joon, when hobaes greets him, he would ignore”.
For this, Kim Hyun Joong explained and pointed out frankly in areas he does not like of hobaes.

Another topic brought up was about Hyun Joong visiting female clothing shop in Japan, stood in front stockings section for a long time and bought female uniforms.
Kim Hyun Joong then talked about funny incidences that happened in Japan shopping mall. Hyun Joong explains, “While i was touring in Japan, i discovered a shopping mall that sells uncommon items. It has all kinds of things inside, because i like batman costumes and etc, so i went in to shop. But besides the batman costumes, there’s also nurse and school uniforms, and stockings etc. When i was shopping, I met some japanese fans. The japanese fans had a awkward expression. I was afraid that if they had some misconceptions, but if i tried to explain, maybe i would appear to be more weird, so i didnt say anything.”

When MC asked, besides being crowned as the first generation hallyu star, what other names do Kim Hyun Joong has?
Kim Hyun Joong said “I’m also known as the first hallyu star with H1N1. I even appeared on the 9pm news due to this”.


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