It’s been 4 years!

Hello, this is babyvfan~~~

It’s been some time since i last posted here…
I have somehow forgotten about this date – 29th August, this year, as i’m caught up with lots of stuffs lately.
After logging in today (of all days), thanks to wordpress notifications, a reminder that today is the 4th anniversary of this blog was sent to me!

Today officially marks the 4th anniversary of this blog, the 4 years of me liking SS501, the 4 years of me being a TS, was really a blissful one. 4 years ago, I have never imagined that 4 years later, I would have met all of the members and somehow quite lucky for many times.

When i first set up this blog, i have never imagined this blog to receive so many likes from fellow fans. Even though for the past year, I did not update much, but still so many friends have stayed with this blog. So,,,, thank you!

I’m really grateful for coming to know so many like-minded people across the globe, for all the friendships and bonds we fostered through the years.

Please continue to support ss501 members, continue loving them, be it 8 years or 15 years or so on, hopefully our TS family can continue to expand!

Happy 4th anniversary ^^



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