Kim Hyun Joong – Drama Filming Schedule

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在酒店大厅。剧组人员说10天后直接从上海去无锡。沈阳取消。@金贤重 #感激时代# 金贤重22号开拍。21号是剧组开拍。”

Trans : babyvfan

Staffs said KHJ will go to WuXi from ShangHai after 10 days. ShenYang’s schedule is cancelled.

Drama will begin filming on 21st, Kim Hyun Joong will begin filming on 22nd.


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong – Drama Filming Schedule

  1. taeborum

    Heavy schedule and big challenge for Only One Kim Hyun Joong and his lead role of Shin Jung Tae! Good luck and all the best! Love and support always! Fighting!!!


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