SS501′s Park Jung Min to make a comeback soon

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Photos of SS501′s Park Jung Min in recording studio were released, Park Jung Min who has not been active in Korea is expected to make his solo comeback in April or May.
Previously, Park Jung Min held Christmas Live Concert and Valentine’s Day Live Concert in Japan and released concert DVDs. In the past year and earlier this year, Park Jung Min also held concert tours in Latin America and Europe. This comeback will be a long awaited comeback for fans as Park has been on a long hiatus in Korea since the fall out with his previous agency.

Source : AllKpop

SS501’s Park Jung Min is getting ready for his upcoming solo comeback!

His agency Didim531 released BTS photos of Park Jung Min recording for a concert DVD with music director Na Jung Yoon. The director also revealed that Park Jung Min will break his three-year hiatus with a comeback soon.

Na Jung Yoon stated, “Park Jung Min is simultaneously holding his concert, recording for his concert DVD, and preparing for his album. I ask that you look forward to his Japanese concert and upcoming album.”

Park Jung Min is set to release his solo album this April or May!


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